Platinum Series MU-2

Find out more about Air 1st's custom refurbished MU-2 aircraft.



  • Congratulations 2015 Queen of the Fleet Winners N888WW and N616KL! 
  • ENTER HERE to see the 2015 MU-2 Fly-In Photo Galleries.
  • CTS is now an official Flight Display Systems Installation Facility.



Air 1st

Aiken Aviation

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Our avionics facility offers basic services from the ability to test, repair, and upgrade your current avionics components all the way to designing and installing full custom panels with state-of-the-art communication, navigation, weather, and anti-collision systems.

Services include:

  • 24-month IFR Pitot Static certification
  • 24 month VFR Transponder certification
  • Full custom panel and avionics installation


*CTS is now an official Flight Display Systems installation facility*

CTS is an authorized Garmin, Mid-Continent, and L3 Aviation Products dealer as well as distributor for the following major avionics manufacturers

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