Platinum Series MU-2

Find out more about Air 1st's custom refurbished MU-2 aircraft.



  • Congratulations 2015 Queen of the Fleet Winners N888WW and N616KL! 
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Platinum Series MU-2

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Air 1st is Proud to Introduce the Next Generation of Fully Refurbished MU-2 Aircraft

Now you can own the ultimate custom MU-2! In the coming months, look for Air 1st's exclusive series of fully refurbished MU-2 aircraft. Not only will you experience enhanced performance, speed, and reliability for which the MU-2 is world renowned, but you will have a unique aircraft with avionics, instruments, paint, and interior appointments all to your personal specifications. Air 1st has contracted with Carolina Turbine Support to provide the following:

  • Overhauled engines, engine components, and props
  • New windows, windshields, and de-ice boots
  • Overhauled aircraft systems including landing gear and brakes, flight controls, fuel system, air conditioning, pressurization, and electrical systems
  • New avionics, instrumentation, paint and interior to customer specifications (applied to a minimum series standard)

Each MU-2 will have a serial number to establish its status in the fleet; serial numbers 1-3 are currently in work.

View the progress of S/N 1: N888WW

View the progress of S/N 2: N50ET

View the progress of S/N 3: N888SE

If you are interested in owning your custom MU-2, please contact Mike Laver at Air 1st: 803-641-9999.


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